Welcome To Success Missions International

Success Missions International is a Christ-centred organization that seeks to guide and coach young people to become all that God made them to be and to do all that God made  them to do.
SMI is on the mission of raising a generation that never gives up. We are determined to turn every youth into an achiever through our programmes, publications and mentorship

Young People’s Conference

Young People’s Conference is a multi-level conference that convenes countless young people to participate in various sessions of presentations and discussions towards a set agenda.

Heart Of Worship

Heart of worship is a strategic gathering of young leaders of diverse backgrounds for purposes of forging a common agenda for youth ministry across denominations, cultures and nations.

Graduate Take Off

Lots of graduates take snap shots of their lives from time to time and wish someone had told them either this or that earlier. Sometimes there are some pieces of advice we wish we had

Young Leaders Forum

A platform to groom social initiative among the next generation of young leaders. It give young leaders the platform to share their thoughts with the rest of the world through intellectual presentations.


Impacting 1000s of youths annually
through our programmes and projects

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An inevitable part of our growth and maturity is the responsibility of making choices and decisions. Young people are being faced with options of endeavors which require them to make a choice. Changing circumstances of life conditions ...

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