IN SEARCH OF MEANING: . . . If I Let My Heart Go?

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January 7, 2016
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January 8, 2016
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IN SEARCH OF MEANING: . . . If I Let My Heart Go?


Many a youth have found this stage in their journey of life a winding struggle. Many young people contend with so much pressure on every side: parents to please, friends to impress, critics to confound, little siblings to inspire. Some have egos to defend, reputations to preserve, a future to secure, and more. And all of this happens in moments of uncertainty which make us confused. When things don’t go the way we expect, we become broken and bruised, and sometimes we are tempted to doubt the possibility of our dreams and even the usefulness of our lives.

It is in these times of our quest and struggle for meaning that we must draw close to the ‘God who really sees’. When we come to the end of the road and we are not able to see ahead, we must remind ourselves that there is a God who sees and knows tomorrow.

Beloved, you are not a surprise to God at all. He knew you and has always been ready for you. He crafted an impressive plan that suits your peculiar strengths and weakness, even before your birth. He planned it in such a way that your coming is to fill a certain gap and meet a certain need that He has identified in the earth realm. He has made prior arrangements with all relevant people who matter, both human and angelic, to work towards your days of training and the season for the execution of the assignment at hand. There is therefore an already prepared plan. You are so important to God, because you fit perfectly into His plan, God needs you badly because He has invested some gifts and talents in you. Those gifts are tailored for a particular assignment, which nobody else can perform, the way He knows you can. Your role in His plan all works together for His Glory and for your fulfilment. He is so much into you, He can’t afford to lose you.

Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day’. PSALMS 139.16 (MESSAGE)

It is that incredible plan which considered our weakness and strengths, that gives shape to our existence. It is the blueprint that brings meaning to our lives. It is therefore important that young people all over the world must understand that it is when we choose to align with His plan that we discover who we were really made to be. It is when we give up on our selfish ambitions and give in to His Vision for our world that we find place in this life. We find ourselves when we let go of ourselves. It is in giving ourselves that we find ourselves . . . let go and let God!

‘ . . . for whoever wants to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for me will save it.’ Luke 9.24

And about this awesome and incredible plan ‘Eyes have not seen, Ears have not heard . . . (1 COR 2.9) but this time he is prepared to let us know anyway. He is himself crazy and passionate about the plan and He is always talking about it. Sadly, we scarcely listen. We are constantly busy drawing up our own plans and secret ambitions. We forget about Him. We forget about why he sent us here, even. Yet He has never stopped speaking to us, pouring revelations of His Will, in the sunlight and moonlight. Sometimes He tries to reveal the big picture but hey, unsurprisingly, we get so dumbfounded to the point of disbelief. God has never stopped speaking, we have stopped listening. It is not in His interest to keep, we, His agents in the dark, for what? But He has not given up on revealing the right way, the best options, the eternal path, daily for our benefit. Each moment of our lives comes with hints of God and His Direction, Will and Purpose for our lives. It is only up to us to sense Him and surrender.

Beloved, Jesus is open-armed today, humbly asking you not just for your hand of friendship but more for your heart of surrender. To trust Jesus with all that you are, all that you carry—the very core of your being. It is the defining moment where we have to decide whether we will give it all to Jesus or we will give and hold back some secret desires and covered ambitions.

And that’s the burning question: What if I give my all to Him? What if I let go of it all? Will I find my dreams? Is there any fun with Jesus? Does he really care about the things I long for? What does he think about my style and the pals and ‘things’ that make me excited? Can I still do the things I enjoy? Can I still be what I wannabe? So am I letting go of the dreams? So am I never going to enjoy some things again? And is God and a life of godliness really going to be the dream thing? Is it in vogue? Am I not going to miss a lot if I let my heart go?

But that’s exactly when the mystery begins . . . whoever lets go will find it again, whoever holds back will lose it all. That is the mystery the rich young man (MARK 10.17-22) never understood, when Jesus said to him ‘go, sell everything you have and give to the poor’. He never did so, because those same questions haunt him: ‘So am I losing it all, how could I be sure of what will happen when I let go of all?’

You know, dear friend, I wished that young man had taken the step and given himself up to Jesus in trust. His wealth would have never run dry but would have multiplied astronomically before His very eyes. My prayer is that young people will understand this mystery. If only the rich man had started doing so, he would have discovered that mystery too. For each poor man that he gives bread or money, he would have strangely earned two times more, even before he reaches the door step of the third person. ‘Give and it shall be given unto you a good measure . . . running over . . .’ That meant that in giving himself, his substance and his sweat, he was entering another dimension of wealth and greatness. But sadly enough this did not come true.

May you and I not make such a mistake of failing to obey and not even starting at all. May we not hesitate to surrender in trust in his goodness and his incredible plan. This sometimes might mean, we have to let go of our self-will and our ‘cooked’ up plans for his incredible master plan. Holding on to our naive plans leaves us frustrated and broken. ‘Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs (JONAH 2.8) Refusing to let go of the wrong attitude and the selfish motives and motivations impoverishes the soul and makes life shallow and meaningless.

To this day Jesus is still calling on every tom, dick and harry not just to receive him but also to surrender to Him. God cares about everything we go through materially, socially, academically or spiritually. And he has an opinion, not necessarily instructions (as we don’t like), about some of the issues. It pays to hear what God thinks of a matter. It comes as a mystery but dear friend, believe me, THE WILL OF GOD IS THE BEST DIRECTION FOR YOUR LIFE, ANYTIME. It is only in this Will or Purpose or Plan that we will find meaning—all that we were meant to be.

O how I wished that rich young guy had let go of his supposed ‘2 or 3 year comprehensive budget’, he would have found inestimable fulfillment and greatness if he had surrendered. Give yourself to that request God has been making of you, and the challenge he has been throwing, and the high level he has been calling you to. It is in your surrender that you will find meaning and greater benefit. Step out in faith, Trust Him, let your heart go and you will find your undying dreams come true. Remember WHEN WE GIVE UP OUR AMBITIONS FOR THE SAKE OF GODS VISION, HE ADDS TO US, THOSE AMBITIONS AT THE END OF THE DAY.

‘For I know whom I have believed and I am convinced He is able to take care of everything I have entrusted to Him’ (2 TIM 1.12)

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