Success Missions International (SMI) is a Koforidua-based Christian non-profit organization aimed at empowering the youth for success in its fullness. SMI is opening a registered office soon to implement the organizational mission and goals. SMI is a Christian office (not a fellowship) that operates with partners and not members. The partners are individuals or corporate bodies who share the passion, believe in the vision and contribute in diverse ways to realize it. The partners are categorised into volunteers, donors and sponsors


To see everyman and everywoman attain true fulfilment in life through their accomplishment of Divine Purpose and unleashing the Glory of God that is within them to the praise of His name..


To guide and coach young people to become all that God made them to be and to do all that God made them to do in their generation..


Success Missions International realizes the vision and accomplish the mission through the 3-pronged strategy: Mentorship (Coaching), Programmes (Events), Publications (Media) and Technology.


SMI employs the tools of Mentorship, Coaching or Counselling to influence and empower young people to fulfil their divine mandate of Success in this life. Youths who avail themselves are coached by trained counsellors who take them through modules of Christian Growth, Self Development, and Skills for Success among other modules.


We organise conferences, seminars, symposia, focused group discussions among others to impact the lives of young people on a large scale.


SMI reaches the world from our Youth Office through the internet which features online articles and books, audio and video messages, recorded Christian interviews and events, among other downloadable lessons on success.


SMI works through some partners to disseminate the gospel, teachings, tips, and other messages through diverse media channels such as text messages, e-mails, articles, newsletters, books etc.