The Success Academy

The Success Academy®

The Success Academy® is an integrated youth development training programme aimed at preparing youths for success in life. It has a well-designed curriculum that encompasses a wide coverage of courses that are relevant to the livelihood of young people.

This programme is premised on the conviction that Success is not achieved in a day, but daily. It is not just an event, but a process in life. The vision is therefore riveted on Successful living for young people

It is meant to address the key issues and questions on the minds of youths and to take them through an organized process of mentorship, tuition, training and the mastery of certain spheres of life. The program is a four-level programme. Each level addresses a specific stage in the success-life of a youth. Each level is further broken into modules, course, subjects and specific topics.





Objectives of the Programme

  • To offer a fully integrated youth development course that is holistically addresses matters of the body, soul and spirit for the total well-being of individuals
  • To create a systematic learning opportunity that offers lessons for successful living
  • To provide an opportunity for youths to formally monitor and evaluate their own self-development and self-actualization
  • To offer participants a practical learning opportunity that is relevant for their daily lives outside the classroom

Features of the programme

    • Flexible enrollment and participation
    • Sponsored Courses
    • Mandatory Project Assignments and Field Research
    • A tried and tested faculty
    • Conducive learning environment
    • A highly credible board of governors
    • Affiliated to the School of Wisdom and Success, under the auspices of Human Capital International