Heart Of Worship. . . It’s all about Jesus

Heart of worship is a strategic gathering of young leaders of diverse backgrounds for purposes of forging a common agenda for youth ministry across denominations, cultures, nations and regions.


This programme is premised on these 3 concepts

--The real meaning of Worship is Holy Stewardship “. . . offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, for this is your spiritual act of Worship”

--A true heart of Worship takes up the assignment and agenda of God “I found my servant David, a man after my own heart . . . for He will do all my Will”

--Social Transformation is the responsibility of all Leaders “Evil triumphs when good people sit down and do nothing”

Programme Goals

The objectives of Heart of Worship programme are:

--To communicate, emphasise and experience the power of True Worship in His Presence

--To create a platform for sensitive youth development issues to be discussed

--To direct the focus of youth leaders towards the ultimate goal of Christian discipleship

--To uphold and help preserve the moral standards expected of young leaders

--To intercede for all youth leadership efforts in respective localities or regions


--Assemble key youth leaders (potential, emerging or accomplished) for strategic roundtable meetings on pertinent issues.

--Call for prayer meetings for the youth leaders to deal with matters from the spiritual depths and heights.

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