Young People's Conference.. . the uncommon gathering of Christian youths

Young People’s Conference is a multi-level conference that convenes countless young people to participate in various sessions of presentations and discussions towards a set agenda. Young Peoples Conference climaxes 4 different editions of Young Peoples Conclave (mini versions of the conference). The concept behind these youth gatherings over the years, have been premised on the following objectives:

--To provide a spiritual atmosphere for young Christians to discuss social issues that affects them

--To prepare young people for future challenges and opportunities

--To teach them to conduct their social lives with virtue and integrity

--To teach youths how to apply spirituality and biblical principles daily in every aspect of life

The programme which was originally called Young Peoples Conclave from 2008 culminated into Young Peoples Conference in 2010 after 4 different editions of the mini versions of the conference.

Programme Background

The drive for holding Young Peoples Conference is to deal with the youth-related crisis in our world today! Our generation is getting more and more crooked and corrupt. It is therefore time for young Christian leaders to rise to the occasion and take up the challenge of transformation. Other stakeholders like the government, teachers and parents are doing their best for us, but we also have to come together and to do something for ourselves.

If young leaders don’t exert some influence today, children unborn will be affected by the decay.

It is either we influence or we are influenced!

We are missions of succeeding & urging others to succeed

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